Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding translation processes, pricing, delivery times and translation quotes. If you still have doubts or questions, feel free to use the online chat on the upper right or email me at info@mantas-translations.com.

I translate from English into Greek and Greek into English. I have deliberately chosen to specialise in one language combination rather than adding further languages to my portfolio. If, however, you need a translation in another language combination, I will gladly refer you to a competent linguist or point your search to the right direction.

I am highly specialised in medical/pharmaceutical and technical/IT translations. I also have extensive experience with economic/financial texts. Of course I do handle less specialised texts from other fields too.

I can handle almost any file type, including all Adobe products, Microsoft Office, Image files and other. It is always preferable to receive the document in editable format, such as .docx or .txt, but even if your document is a heavily formatted .pdf, I do have the necessary tools in order to extract the text for translation and then recompose the document to its original format. Simply send me your file and I will be sure to reply with a detailed quote.

No! Despite the fact that this technology has made great advances in the past decade, it still falls far short from providing a translation result of even acceptable quality. If you just need to get the gist of a text, then machine translation is where it's at. In any other case though, translation is a time-consuming and strenuous activity that has to be carried out by talented, educated and professional translators. This is why it is not a good idea to trust a machine...

No, I only provide written translation services. I can however refer you to competent interpreters who can help you with your request.

This depends on my work load at the time. There have been several cases in the past where I agreed to take a translation test for large corporations or potential long-term collaborations, but this is decided on a per-case basis.

Yes. I am are very sensitive to this issue and make every effort to keep my clients' data strictly confidential. I can also sign a strict confidentiality agreement, if you request this.

My fees are calculated on a per-word basis and depend on word count, file type, subject, specialisation, complexity, format, and preferred deadline. It's very difficult to give you a precise quote over the phone, so the best thing to do is to email me your documents and you will receive a non-binding detailed quote within a few hours.

You can pay me via bank transfer (APLHA BANK, Greece) or Paypal.

I do offer discounts for long-term collaborations and large-volume or repetitive texts. In any case, the best discount arises if you keep working with me so I can use past projects as leverage and minimise the cost and delivery time for future projects.

This depends on your project... If your text is extremely large and you want it translated within a few days, then it's best to send it to an agency where it will be split among several translators in order to meet your deadline. This entails a hefty price tag for you and also potential terminology and consistency issues in the translated text due to the involvement of different translators. If, however, you can offer a more generous deadline and looking to reduce your costs, then a freelance translator is your best bet. Freelance translators nowadays have the necessary talent, expertise, equipment, and know-how in order to handle large and complicated texts within a reasonable timeframe. The difference in the price lies in the simple fact that a freelance translator operates with an extremely low overhead compared to agencies (accounting fees, advertising, insurance, interest, legal fees, salaries, rent, repairs, supplies, taxes, telephone bills, travel expenditures, and utilities). This enables them to offer affordable rates, something that agencies are unable to do.

I usually translate 2.500-4.000 words a day (approx. 10-15 pages), depending on the text. However, this is just a rule of thumb and depends on many different factors. My translation quote will include a detailed breakdown of the schedule.